United States Chess Federation  

Texas Chess Association  



Jim Liptrap (Scholastic)  Touchstone for nearly all chess in and around the Houston area

Chess Base  Excellent source for chess news and articles. In depth information on Chess Base products.

Chess Cafe  Excellent source of chess news and excellent vendor of chess equipment, software and books.

New in Chess  Publisher of the best chess magazine in the world in English, plus updated articles and chess books, equipment and software.


Great Sites for kids  

Chess Magnet School  Programmed instruction, one month FREE. Sign up with the code "hit39" to access our community.

Chessity  Learn and practice tactics in a fun environment.

Chess kid  Many instrunctional videos, join our community


Online chess practice sites  

Chess Tempo  Focus on tactics, endgames, and much more.  

Internet Chess Club   Strong levels, mostly blitz online. Advanced videos.


Regional clubs  

Cypress Chess  Wed evenings

Der Springers Chess Club  

Dallas Chess Club   

Austin Chess Club  

San Antonio Chess Club  

Bellaire Chess Club  

Space City Chess Club  

Sugarland, Ft Bend area  


Commercial sites  

Cajun Chess  

Mon Roi  Sells the handheld computer notation program and provides live moves for many tournaments.

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